A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dram of Drummhicit

La Jolla Playhouse. Potiker Theatre 
Scenic Design: Neil Patel

Asst. Charge Artist

About the Scenic Art:

The central concept of this lively design by Mr. Patel was that the Lovers’ world was literally turned ‘upside down’ by the Fairies. Chandeliers grew from the ground to become trees, pianos and tables were spun around and suspended in midair, the fireplace and wall sconces seemed to invert, and even the curtains danced away. the mechanics of these tricks created challenging hardware and structures to camouflage and many of our paint treatments were developed with this goal in mind.

Another large project was the camouflaging foliage that masks the entire set. The audience is very close to the stage all around the perimeter, and sightlines were problematic. The paint shop created almost 5,000 square feet of foliage by stenciling outdoor sunscreen netting.

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