A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun

UIUC, Coldwell Playhouse. 
Scenic Design: Aaron Benson

Charge Artist

About the Scenic Art:

This design for ‘Raisin’ took a traditional approach and focused on the details of a dilapidated but well loved inner-city apartment.  Special care was taken to skim-coat the walls so the most convincing painted wallpaper could be achieved.  We developed several methods to age these walls, creating water stains, dirt marks, chips and the ‘torn wallpaper’ treatments.

The 28′ x 8′ banner drop rendering was created as a Photoshop document, and Mr. Benson was very interested in ways to create the impression of an old photograph with vertical noise.  This was achieved by raking playground pebbles into peaks and troughs across the finished drop and spraying the base coat over the top of the drop.

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