Chuggington Live!


Chuggington Live! Great Rescue Adventure

Lifelike Touring

2015 North American Tour


About the Design:

I was tasked with designing the 8 train units that star in this production. These units had many demands: they needed to have a great deal of movement and expression while remaining mechanically simple, they needed to be operated by dancers from inside the unit, they needed to adhere to specific IP standards yet needed to be fundamentally changed, and they needed to break down and travel safely.

We went through many iterations in the fundamentals of  mechanisms, materials, and finishes but ultimately landed back on my original idea of a ‘bobble-head doll’ style unit.  With careful collaboration and outstanding execution by Daedalus Design & Production, these units align beautifully with the Chuggington IP and checked all the many boxes required them.

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