Great Expectations


Great Expectations

UIUC Dept of Theatre. Urbana, IL

Director: Tom Mitchell
Lighting Design: Denise Fetzer
Sound Design: Rory Murphy
Costume Design: Tesia Dugan
Prop Design: Rebecca Switzer

About the Design:

Great Expectations was produced in March of 2005 through the UIUC . Director Tom Mitchell and I were both struck by the elliptical structure of the script. Also, we felt that Barbara Fields, the adaptor, created a world where Pip’s life story was told through a series of vignettes that framed certain moments. This lent the script a ‘collaged’ feeling. This pointed us to the artwork of Nick Bantock, which became the chief inspiration for the design. Pip’s life is represented in its’ entirety through a series of collages, which became projected backdrops and helped to change locale and mood. The physical world of the set is a broken ellipse; a dimensional version of the same collages. These dimensional collages, or ‘ribbons’ contained hand props and protruding ‘dressing’ props.

Below are examples of the Nick Bantock-inspired assemblages I built for the projection design. Blending research images with actual hand props, fabrics, and colors from the show I strove to create a visceral and dreamlike mirror of the show’s action.

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