Other Desert Cities


Other Desert Cities

International City Theatre. Long Beach, CA

Director: caryn desai
Lighting Design: Donna Ruzika
Sound Design: Dave Mickey
Costume Design: Kim DeShazo
Prop Design: Patty Briles

*Ovation Award nominee-
Best Production of a Play

…while JR Bruce’s move-in ready set further contributes to the vaguely voyeuristic sensation that we are flies on the wall at this unfolding Christmas cataclysm.

– F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

About the Design:

After several productive conversations with director caryn desai about the larger ideas of the script, I decided to deviate from the mid-century decor referenced in the script. We felt that if the Wyeth family really wanted to put on a show of  ‘moving on with their lives’ that they would constantly be updating their surroundings to match the currents of the day.  This led us towards early 2000’s research, where many Palm Springs style homes had large window walls with tiered openings. I utilized this architectural detail and surrounded the world with black masking, giving a sense of compression and presenting only one way out of their home and situation. The windows present a view of the outside as a prisoner sees through bars in a cell.

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