Vieux Carre


Vieux Carre

Coeurage Theatre Company. Los Angeles, CA

Director: Jeremy Lelliott
Lighting Design: Brandon Baruch
Sound Design: James Ferrero
Foley Design: Jeff Gardner
Costume Design: Magdalena Guillen
Prop Design: Charles Britton

With enormous help from JR Bruce’s effective scenic design and Brandon Baruch’s cogent lighting, he (director Jeremy Lelliott) has taken what was obviously envisioned as a sprawling, multi-level setting and used the claustrophobia of the playing space to create something eloquent and theatrical.

– Michael Van Duzer, Showmag

About the Design:

As a creative team, we set several goals for the world of Vieux Carre: the space needed to be grounded in New Orleans, it must allow for seamless transitions between the many locations in the baording house, and it should elicit  the feeling of the ‘fever dream’ that permeates the narrative.

We accomplished these goals through careful collaboration. I introduced a series of suspended ‘wrought iron grilles’ that captured the style of the French Quarter and allowed lighting designer Brandon Baruch to create dynamic, haunting shadows across the space. Director Jeremy Lelliott and I worked carefully through the script to ensure that a unit set could be used, and acting areas could serve double and even triple-duty. These elements combined to create the disjointed, lyrical and haunting ‘fever dream’ we had imagined.

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