YOU: an experience for One



Hall & Mirrors, Los Angeles

Director: Ty Mayberry
Lighting Design: Bo Tindell
Costume Design: Desiree Hatfield
Sound Design: Steven Laffue

“The thought crossed my mind that this must be what it feels like to arrive on Westworld — beautiful people arrayed on display, ready to cater to your every whim. The mad bastards went and did it, I thought. They really went and did it.”

– Noah Nelson, No Proscenium

About the Experience:

This highly ambitious piece of theatre was developed by Edward Tucker through the Hall & Mirrors production company. A cast of 8 populate an entire 2-story warehouse to create a production experience for an audience of 1.  Each guest was interviewed several times before their performance date and the show is influenced both by those interviews and the guest’s desires in the moment. Scenes are ordered by the guest from a menu at the bar, and the production ends only when the guest decides it does. This all comes with a hefty price tag of $5000.

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